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Documentation Filters helpful_maintenance


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Helpful 4.0.0 introduces the new maintenance process. Database tables are optimized with OPTIMIZE, old feedback is moved from the post type helpful_feedback to the table helpful_feedback and incorrect entries are removed from the database tables.

Here you can add your own processes using the new filter helpful_maintenance. You can find out how to do this here:

 * Used to link own actions to a Helpful maintenance. The added
 * array always outputs the message. You can pack your own processes
 * into Helpful Maintenance here.
 * @param array $items current processes.
 * @return array
function custom_function( $items ) {
  $items [] = 'My custom process message';
  return $items ;

add_filter( 'helpful_maintenance', 'custom_function' );

Then your message will be displayed in the output as soon as the user executes the maintenance by clicking on the button. You can do whatever you want there, if necessary.

This post serves more as a thought support for myself.

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